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Services for Solar Heat Storage


solar2Heat storage based on salt melts is an established technology for solar power plants to provide the customer with energy after sunset. Melting the salts is the key step to enter this technology.

Durferrit offers a solution with their modular high throughput melting system on a rental basis.


Our advantages are:

  • Field-tested with a wide variety of salt raw material qualities, forms and consistencies
  • Highest reliability due to redundant plant technology and spares management
  • Online monitoring of volumes receipt, stock volumes and molten volumes per day, per week or at the end of the project as requested
  • Chemical analyses on customer’s request in advance, during and after completion of the melting down

All plant versions are offered on a rental basis.

Construction variability by using a modular construction system appropriate for each application or building structural conditions patented technology.


Currently available versions for 390°C/734°F transfer temperature:


single system
single system 
twin system
twin system
1 feeding line 
2 feeding lines
2 feeding lines
4 feeding lines
1 furnace
1 furnace
2 furnaces
2 furnaces
up to 10 t/h
up to 15 t/h
up to 25 t/h
up to 30 t/h

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