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Advantages - CLIN technology is often used as alternative to other surface engineering processes such as

  • Case Hardening, Carbonitriding or Carburizing
  • Galvanic layers
  • Plasma or Gas Nitrocarburizing

Thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance CLIN treated carbon steel can replace stainless steel.


compared to Case Hardening, Carbonitriding or Carburizing

  • Low distortion due to lower treatment temperature
  • No need for further machining operations
  • Superior adhesive wear resistance thanks to ceramic characteristics of the surface
  • Hot strength up to 400 °C

compared to Galvanic Layers

  • Excellent corrosion protection in alkaline or neutral environment
  • Superior adhesive wear resistance thanks to ceramic characteristics of the surface
  • Neither peeling or flaking as the layer is formed directly from the base material
  • No micro cracks
  • No need for grinding operation after treatment
  • Low coefficient of fricton
  • Free of Cr6+

compared to Plasma or Gas Nitrocarburizing

  • Superior corrosion and wear resistance in high volume production
  • Low distortion thanks to the quick and very constant heat transfer by the liquid
  • Excellent reproducibility and constancy of the treatment results
  • Very robust process as the precleaning results do not play such an important role
  • Easy to control because only few parameters have to be considered
  • Shortest cycle times as CLIN offers the highest Nitrogen potential
  • Meets the environmental legislation and standards without problems

on mild steel compared to the usage of stainless steel

  • Cost reduction
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Inhibit fretting corrosion

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